World-class men's haircuts

gentlemen on the go

If you keep walking past the barbers, eventually you'll get a haircut.

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cutcuts - CC - Clean & Confident

We underStands the importance of being Clean “Cut”

Have you ever took a step back and thought about how you feel after a nice haircut?


You won’t:

  • Go on a first date
  • Go to a Job interview
  • Go to a client meeting 

Without a fresh CUT

We make sure that our network of barbers are up to par when it comes to professionalism, expertise and care.



Customer Service Above All

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pride in each service



beard trim

mustache trim

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best barber experience

Depending on the BArber/barbershop you choose, you will have access to different services.

Keep an eye out for the CUTCUTS discounted services (the more you book with the app the more $$$ you get back)
Trim your Beard
From $ 10
Trim your Hair
From $ 25
Beard Treatment
From $ 15
Color your Hair & Beard
From $ 55
Wax your Beard
From $ 10
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highly qualified barbers

Everyday more barbershops are joining and getting CUTCUTS certified!

Mustache expert

Thomas is the founder/owner of his barbershop. (Do not book him at 9am he's a little wacky after his first coffee)

Beard Trimmer

Edward has been in the barber industry for over 10 years.

Hair Specialist

Roy is very passionate, and he's been an expert since 2010.